Make a small contribution to make something big possible

Use the strength of a Multi-Client-Project to drive research with low investment at highest possible return on your invest.

The QUAlSi project targets important questions about AlSi1 bond wires. Questions that are asked in the product development phase and questions that arise in the daily management of wire bonding processes. The QUAlSi project is financed by multiple companies with a low investment enabling a much bigger joint budget that drives extensive investigations.

There are currently 20 partners and a research budget of 100,000 €. With just a 5,000 € investment, you can increase this budget even further and gain access to all project results – the results that already exist and any future results. All for a fraction of the investment that would be needed to research this topic alone.

You shape the main topics of the project with your participation. You bring questions about AlSi1 thin wires from your application and daily production into the project, find similar experiences among the project partners and ensure through your common interest that these questions are investigated and answered.

The QUALSi project addresses these open questions about AlSi1 thin wires. Questions ranging from new materials to relocation of production sites to new suppliers. The QUALSi project will clarify what this means for your current established processes and your new product developments. QUALSi is designed as a multi-client project. This means a low investment for you. Together with all partners, this results in a budget that allows for extensive investigations. Small investment, big leverage is the maxim.

1 k€
5 k€



Bond-IQ GmbH has its own automatic bonding machines on which we carry out the tests in a highly automated and closely monitored manner.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the optimization and analysis of AlSi1 thin wire processes.

We provide corresponding know-how to industrial partners within the scope of services, trainings and online trainings.

Special analysis at the SEM and stress tests, e.g. moisture aging, are carried out together with long-term partners (e.g. Fraunhofer IZM Berlin).

" The QUALSi project continues with each partner acquired – and you are always on board without any further action. "
Stefan Schmitz
CEO Bond-IQ GmbH

This is why an early start makes sense for you

The QUALSi project ends only when:

We are ready

The tasks are planned in such a way that we can provide relevant data and insights at an early stage to as many companies as possible that decide to join the project from the beginning.