For tricky problems, customer complaints, unstable bonding processes, or determining stable bonding parameters, you will receive support as needed.

WHAT kind of support are you looking for?


Setting of process parameters, testing and documentation of your process quality


Tests on your assemblies to support e.g. complaints or failures in the qualification process


Framework contracts and callable consulting packages, in-house support in your process


You will have access to more than 20 years of accumulated experience on a wide variety of bonding equipment in numerous combinations of finishes and wire materials. Directly in your process at your site or on fully automated equipment at our premises.

Currently we use equipment from the company F&S Bondtec for:

In addition, there is access to analytical equipment for optical inspection at the light microscope and SEM. For even more complex analyses for the determination of contaminations and oxides on surfaces, we rely on the competence of specialized analysis partners with whom we have had good experience several times, so that you receive a reliable analysis result.

Typical situations with customers who call in external support


As a rule, in the event of errors, only a short time may elapse before initial analysis results are available. Even more important, however, is the interpretation of what is in front of you and what can be derived from it for follow-up analyses and process settings.

You can rely on us to know exactly how wire bonding works and how to interpret analysis results. Our focus on this technology field is your advantage. As soon as it comes to wire bond connections, you will receive concrete statements and interpretations from us.

Getting an analysis report that strings together results is helpful. A direct recommendation for action for your process or product derived from this is better and helps you to achieve your goal faster and more reliably.

When analyzing errors for customers, the following are usually used

Your fastest way to analysis


In short consulting sessions – whenever you need them and questions arise – we work together to further improve your solution approaches and decisions in development processes to realize even safer products and processes and ensure customer satisfaction.

In this way, you support your process and development experts in their daily work, which consists of designing bond layouts reliably and creating the basis for stable processes, quickly recognizing and eliminating errors, and reliably identifying causes.

In the long term, this results in more effective processes, better trained personnel and even more motivated process teams that continuously and sustainably improve your process quality.

You can expect answers on the following topics

How quickly we can start

Immediately after you place the order with us. In urgent cases, a short e-mail confirmation on our offer is sufficient for the first conversation. Your order will then follow promptly afterwards.